Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection that mainly affects essential reproductive organs such as penis, urethra, vagina, cervix, rectum, and throat, depending on what type of sexual intercourse they are doing. This infection is also called “The Drip”.

In a lot of instances, the main reason for the infection is because of having sexual intercourse. However, the infection can also be transferred to an infant through normal delivery childbirth. With infants that are infected, you would notice that the eyes are damaged. This illness is considered as a common illness that is transmitted through sexual intercourse. This illness is, in most cases, asymptomatic. Because of this, people would just carelessly infect everyone without them knowing.

What Causes Gonorrhea?

Neisseria gonorrhoeae is a form of bacteria that is transmitted by having unprotected sex, which then causes the illness Gonorrhea. This bacterium can also be called gonococci. There are a lot of ways for the bacteria to be transferred. Men, who are infected with the bacteria, are able to transmit the infection to their partners even if they didn’t ejaculate when having sex. The reason for that is because not only is semen a medium of infection, but also the pre-cum released by men. Women, on the other hand, are able to transmit the bacteria gonococci through the vaginal lubrication. In general, when you perform sexual intercourse with a person that’s infected with gonococci, you will definitely be infected with as well. There is even a possibility for you to acquire the infection by just touching a part that is infected with the bacteria. For pregnant moms, childbirth through normal delivery will be a means of transmitting the infection to the newborn infant. The transmission doesn’t happen with C-section because the infant doesn’t pass through the vaginal fluids.

The survival rate for gonococci when they are out in the open is extremely low. So, when the bacteria are exposed externally, they are only able to survive in less than a couple of seconds. So, as an example, if an infected person used a certain item that has direct contact with the genitals and has traces of human reproductive fluids, touching it won’t infect you at all because the moment it was exposed in the air, it’s already dead.  

Gonorrhea Signs and Symptoms

Gonorrhea is one stealthy bacterial infection because this illness is, in most cases, asymptomatic. Couples wouldn’t normally notice the infection not until both the couples have been tested. If symptoms arise, its symptoms would be so imperceptible. If you notice the symptoms, you would think that these are symptoms for another disease. It is crucial for those possibly infected to get tested for STI because the illness can cause various major health problems and infertility. Testing for STI should be performed regularly, especially if you are sexually active. It’s beneficial to perform it regularly because it doesn’t only detect gonorrhea but also other forms of sexually transmitted infections. With gonorrhea, it is considerably easy to treat the illness. It would only be difficult to treat the illness when it has progressed so much already.

Between men and women, symptoms occur more in men than women. If symptoms occur, it would normally arise a week after the initial infection. Those who have been infected will experience symptoms of pain when urinating, pain in swollen testicles and white, yellow or green discharges from the penis. Even if women don’t normally have symptoms, there are still a few who happen to have symptoms of the infection. Like men, symptoms would arise one week after its initial infection. If they have symptoms, women would experience a burning feeling when urinating, yellow discharges and blood discharges which occurred even during mid-periods. Women must also be aware if they are currently pregnant as this can make your case a complicated one.

For those that have acquired gonorrhea infection through anal sex, symptoms of unusual discharges from the anus, itchy anus and pain when passing solid waste are experienced. For those that have acquired gonorrhea infection through oral sex, your throat is the most affected area. The only symptom you can possibly have is a sore throat and it rarely occurs. If you find any of these symptoms, you must immediately consult with your physician to help you verify the illness and get started with the treatment.

Gonorrhea Treatment

As mentioned earlier, gonorrhea can easily be treated especially when it’s still early. A lot of people would be ashamed of getting tested and would not do so even if they’ve noticed symptoms. Sometimes, they would even try to treat it on their own without professional help. Leaving the infection untreated for a long time would make the illness more serious and cause them major health problems. Antibiotics are the main medication used in treating gonorrhea as it is a bacterial infection. The types of antibiotics that would possibly be prescribed by doctors are Azithromycin, Doxycycline or Ceftriaxone. Azithromycin and Doxycycline are medications that can be taken orally while a dose of 250 mg Ceftriaxone needs to be injected to the patient. In cases when an infection is still early, one dose of antibiotics that are taken orally is just right to completely eradicate gonorrhea. But, a more severe bacterial infection would require a 7-day dose of antibiotics.

During your doctor’s consultation, inform your physician of any allergies you may have so the doctor can prescribe you the best antibiotic you can use. Any form of sexual intercourse is still discouraged as of this stage and even after the completion of the treatment. Abstinence from sex for about a week after the last day of treatment is necessary until full recovery.

How to Prevent Acquiring Gonorrhea?

Treating gonorrhea is considerably easy to do but it is way easier and less of a hassle to prevent the infection from happening. The transmission of this infection is through reproductive fluids like pre-cum, semen, and vaginal lubricant. The best and sure way to avoid infection of gonorrhea and other forms of STI is by abstaining from any form of sexual intercourse. Now, because there are those that would want to experience sex at least once, ways to prevent infection are by using protection like condoms and dental dams. It may not be a guarantee that you will not get infected when using these, but it decreases the chances of acquiring it significantly. The key rule here to avoid infection of gonorrhea and other forms of STI is to be true and loyal to your partner. Never have sex with anyone else aside from your partner.

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